Seven "successions" that successful family enterprises prepare for.

Advisor, Facilitator & Coach

My primary focus is to help "family enterprises" and their members improve the quality of their cohesion, clarity, communication and competence so that both the business and the family can thrive now and for generations to come. 

Specifically, I work with family clients and their leaders to create systems and processes that support each of the "seven successions" in the following ways:

  • Identifying, aligning and calibrating individual and collective vision, mission and values for the business and the family

  • Producing effective family meetings

  • Documenting family agreements and constitutions including:
    • Family employment & compensation policies

    • Family decision making processes and governance systems

    • Shareholder agreements

    • Liquidity and redemption policies

  • Documenting succession plans for ownership, governance and management

  • Developing the family's human capital and "ownership" competence

  • Creating effective family enterprise governance including, family councils and amily business boards (advisory, fiduciary)

  • Strategic planning in support of family and business needs and desires